Camp Ink!


Each week, explore a different type of creative art to take your writing to the next level. Be inspired, and make new friends.

Camp Ink! dates coming soon!

All camps take place between 9am-4pm and cost $240 each

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Summer Camp Words & PicturesWords and Pictures

Dates TBA | Instructors: Jim La Villa-Havelin/Terry Ybañez

Use visual art as a starting point in order to experiment with new ways of storytelling and use words as a way to enhance your art. Respond to a painting with a poem. Draw a picture based on a poem. Create an accordion book. Inspire your whimsy.

Summer Camp-Comic BooksComic Books

Dates TBA | Instructor: Xavier Garza

Explore the basics of telling a great comic book story. Practice the art of “storyboarding”—creating a sequence of images that tells a story. Create interesting characters, backstories, and exciting plots.

steampunk22Steampunk Short Stories

Dates TBA | Instructor: Viktoria Valenzuela

Travel time and space to Victorian England where you are surrounded by characters who were inventing a new world. In doing so, you’ll invent the fantastic world of your own imagining. Create a series of poems or short stories that you put into a book of your own fanciful design.