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Blues poems, corridos, the décima, rap, walk poems, the bop, the sound poem, and the found poem—discover and expand your knowledge of performance poetry with NY/Puerto Rican poet and SLAM expert Urayoán Noel.

In 2015, Gemini Ink

  • served 25 sites through Writers in Communities, bringing excellent creative writing workshops to youth, veterans, women, and seniors.

  • hosted over 75 free literary events.

  • offered excellent craft workshops to over 700 San Antonio writers and readers.

  • This year 84% of patrons experienced our programs free of charge

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  • $25 will cover free workshops at one of our 25 Writers in Communities sites.

  • Donate $100 or more and receive a copy of a beautifully illustrated chapbook featuring Barbara Ras’s poem “Washing the Elephant,” which originally appeared in The New Yorker.


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In Half the World in Light, the import of Juan Felipe Herrera’s nearly forty years of work is on full display, and there is no adjective to describe the immensity of it. Reinventing himself from book to book and even poem to poem, he is a virtuoso of language and society… (