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Patrick Chamoiseau produces a mythic history of the Creole nation that arose from the forced marriage of French and African peoples in his native Martinique. The chief spokeswoman for that nation is the indomitable and profanely wise Marie-Sophie Laborieux, the founder of Texaco, a teeming shantytown poised on the edge of a city that constantly threatens to engulf it. Now Marie-Sophie is Texaco’s protectress as well. For only she can dissuade an urban planner from ordering her anarchic quarter razed to the ground. Like Scheherazade before her, she relies on stories—stories of slaves and sorcerers, thugs and courtesans, uprisings and eruptions.

Delve into the life of Anton Chekhov, a writer widely considered to be the father of the modern short story.

Amanda Flores kicks off the evening with a spoken word performance connected to Carmen Tafolla‘s Sonnets to Human Beings.

Ana Castillo discusses and reads from her new memoir Black Dove, followed by Q&A.

Gemini Ink and Trinity University’s Department of English welcome novelist and genre-bending author of Reality Hunger David Shields for a reading and conversation.

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