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Jamaica-born poet Ishion Hutchinson reads from his award-winning collection Far District July 18 at 6:30pm at Trinity University in the Michael and Naomi Neidorff Gallery. He’s also leading a poetry workshop on Saturday at Gemini Ink titled Invocation—you too can learn to call upon outside forces in your poems. Sign up here.


debra magpie earling

Thanks to the NEA for this insightful Q&A with one of our great faculty members, Debra Magpie Earling.


NEA: What was your journey to becoming a creative writer?

EARLING: High school dropout. Married to an abusive alcoholic at 17. Divorced at 21. Then moved back in with ex. Had teeth rattled. Told I was stupid. Was knocked down. Bleeding. Knocked down before work. After work. Knocked unconscious. Busgirl. Black eye. Stupid. Waitress.


Since the days of Homer, writing about visual art has had an important place in poetry. This class welcomes both writers and visual artists to examine different forms of ekphrasis, from poems focused solely on description to those using art objects as metaphor. We will consider works by divergent visual artists and how their messages might be translated or expanded by tools available to the poet, such as rhyme and rhythm, simile and metaphor, and voice and tone.

$50 for 4 sessions: Jan 30, Feb 6, 13, and 20, Thursdays, 6–8 pm
Class size: 20


Though a novel is a mysterious work of the imagination—a work of art unscathed by commercial consideration, it doesn’t hurt to have a plan, This course will give you innovative and practical strategies for writing a novel, including developing a plot synopsis. You will learn an approach to use both as a guide for your writing and a tool to attract agents and editors. This workshop is open to anyone at the beginning or advanced stages of writing a novel.

Date: Sat. & Sun., March 29 & 30 | 1–4pm
Fee: $75
Class Limit: 15


Most writers agree that revision is where most of their serious work takes place. The class will advocate for a radical approach to revision and focus on a variety of revision strategies. We will look at how to redirect a weak early draft and send it in the direction of becoming a good story. The class will include a handout that covers 15 revision strategies.

Date: Sat., March 8 | 10-1pm
Fee: $95
Class Limit: 20