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Explore strategies for composition and revision that may reframe your writing process and infuse your poems with new sources of inspiration. Participants will be asked to submit a writing sample of five pages of poetry by March 3rd to be workshopped in class. Please bring 10 copies of this sample to the workshop for distribution to other participants.

Learn to pay renewed attention to the intersection of the personal and the social in your life. How do our personal stories overlap with the wider social context? We will learn various strategies for addressing the themes most vital to us, and through this writing process begin to heal the world as we heal ourselves.

Join New York Times bestselling author David Shields in a two-day creative nonfiction boot camp. Explore cutting edge strategies in groundbreaking ways. Learn the value of brevity and literary collage and free your writing from the traditional narrative arc to reinvigorate your ideas of what contemporary nonfiction and storytelling can be. Produce exciting, innovative work and receive feedback in a supportive workshop environment with one of the contemporary masters of the genre.

Chart a journey of healing by examining the use of history in poetry, allowing our demons, ancestors, and many selves to converse. What violences must be named and how did they come to be? What stories/magic/medicine have been forgotten and what can be recovered?

Plunge into the world of hardboiled detectives, femme fatales, and nihilistic grifters through novels of the classic era of American crime fiction from the 1930’s to the 1950’s. Roam humanity’s psycho-social depths across the rich landscapes of American cities and countryside, exploring four powerful books that left an indelible mark on American literature, film, and popular culture. Join us in a rich discussion of these diverse Noir novels that defined and transcended their genre.

Discuss patience as worldview, process, and tool for enrichening your own writing. We’ll read and discuss poems that model the value of patience and pacing and generate some drafts of our own.