In Their Own Words


Photo by Steve Bennett


Grappling with her restless 2-year-old son Leonardo, Veronica Colunga concentrates on reading an original story the 33-year-old mom has dedicated to him and his twin sister, Daisy.

Written in Spanish, “La Niña que Soñaba con Ser Mariposa” (“The Little Girl Who Dreamt of Being a Butterfly”) is about a girl named Lolita who wants to transform herself into a butterfly — and eventually gets her wish.

Translating for the group of six women gathered at round tables in a meeting room with yellow cinder-block walls at the Guadalupe Home is Macarena Hernández, a journalist and educator who is leading this 11-week writing workshop for Gemini Ink’s Writers in Communities program.

In this class, the women at the Westside home, a transitional living program for homeless expectant mothers and homeless mothers with infants, are writing children’s stories that will be published in an illustrated anthology for limited distribution. A workshop at the home last summer resulted in “Mother Tongue (Idioma Materno): Poetry, Prose and Photographs by Mothers at Guadalupe Home.”

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