Roar: Festival of Staged Readings


Nine staged readings of the most boundary bending plays from

throughout the United States


Schedule of Performances

Oct 4, 8 pm
Plumbing by Rebecca Kirschbaum, Directed by Laurie Dietrich
A preacher’s son decides to have a sex change operation. This funny, heartwarming story is based on a series of interviews conducted with the transgender community by the playwright.

Oct 5, 8 pm
Beware of Tigers! by Ben Tremillo, Directed by T.J. Gonzales
Romance and multiple personality disorder come together for a sweet and sour ending. Gala reception to follow.

Oct 6, 3 pm
The Entrepeneurs by Clyde James Aragon, Directed by Mariana Vasquez
This comedic short asks the question: What if all of the great Latino poets started a greeting card company?

Confessions of a Mexpatriate by Raul Garza
An afternoon of two spectacular one-person performances. Raul Garza guides us through the misadventures of his travels through Mexico.

Oct 10, 8 pm
You Wouldn’t Expect by Marilynn Barner Anselmi
A young woman battles the North Carolina Eugenics board, which performed forced sterilizations on approximately 7600 women between 1933 and 1977.

Oct 11, 8 pm
Seeking Flight by Joan Broadman, Directed by Alexandra Alcala Perez
Monty and Enzi are two African Grey Parrots who plot their escape from a research lab. Based on a true story.

Oct 12, 8 pm
Under the Plastic Stars by Alisha M. Patterson, Directed by Sophie Bolles
This fairy tale for adults re-imagines the classic tale Peter Pan by placing it into real time. This time, Peter is a young homeless girl who needs a safe place and a friend.

Oct 13, 3 pm
Bulto by Jorge Piña, Directed by Anna de Luna
Celebrate San Antonio’s teatro padrino–Jorge Piña, with a special reading of his latest play Bulto.

Sunday by Janie Sauceda, Co-directed by Janie Sauceda and Mariana Vasquez
Janie Sauceda beautifully renders growing up in San Antonio.



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