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Many thanks to Vince T. Davis and the San Antonio Express-News for highlighting this important project! Read the article in full here.

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nan-cuba-gemini-ink_credit-al-rendon2When artifacts from our current day are analyzed, what writing will represent us? A stock report? An article about Kim Kardashian? Or a story by Alice Munro, who won the Nobel Prize? —Nan Cuba

Thanks to The Rivard Report for this piece on Gemini Ink founder, Nan Cuba.


Nan is this year’s Inkstravaganza honoree!


Photo © Al Rendon



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We’re excited to announce we’ve received a $25,000 NEA grant to support Tinta Digital (“Digital Ink”), a year-long festival of literary arts education and outreach programs. Writing workshop residencies will be led by professional writers and offered to adults, seniors, and youth, resulting in digital publications that will establish a Tinta Digital Community Literature Collection within the Bexar County BiblioTech (library). (more…)

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