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If you’d like to produce good work and publish or need professional support through the process of drafting, revising, and submitting a piece from start-to-finish, this is the workshop for you. Through writing exercises, we’ll create new work; through group feedback sessions and revision, we’ll polish and submit it. This open genre course empowers participants with an understanding of the fundamental process of being a writer so that they can repeat it on their own.

Help us celebrate the power of creative writing in young lives! This year we spotlight our Writers in Communities (WIC) program and Texas Poet Laureate, Carrie Fountain, whose award-winning poetry and writing for youth bridges genres and centers the experiences of young readers.

In partnership with the Curtain Up Cancer Foundation, Gemini Ink offers a free two-day storytelling workshop for cancer survivors, their family, and friends.

In this four-part series of experiential workshops, we will explore how taking on a Citizen Science project in nature can deepen one’s writing while making a real contribution to science. Conversely, we will explore what special traits a creative writer brings to the pursuit of Citizen Science.