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Join Gemini Ink for this family-friendly guided nature walk of beautiful Crownridge Canyon Park and Wilderness Area. The adventure begins with a brief lesson on the poetic ode given by professor and poet Joshua Robbins. Afterward, we’ll head into the woods to learn about the park’s diverse wildlife and hear examples of the ode read aloud along the way.

From Hesiod to Patricia Smith to Billy-Ray Belcourt to Ocean Vuong, we’ll interrogate what it means to be a body, to belong, to be scrutinized geographies, and to inhabit the late-capitalist American landscape. Our poems will excavate and attempt to envision what it means to be stewards of the land while also playing a role in the presumed purveyance of justice.

This writing workshop is designed for any writer concerned with notions of homeland, both real and the imagined. This course will focus on helping writers utilize setting in ways that push, expand, and further the idea of place. The goal of this class is to provide students with the tools needed to create a fully realized and immersive fictional world that thrums with the breath of life.