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My room is a sailing placeturtle,

Like a boat swaying to be lost.

With paints and clothes

Like nobody knows.

I just love the heart-beating notes

That soothe the brain,

With silence that shreds to the wall,

The thick wall of frustration.

Helping me to outrun reality

Even though I know I’ll get tired

Paintings spaced around the four ugly white


All of which are opened by my soul.

One of them,

Of a green Turtle,

Weaving across the dark clouds, crystal clear

With brightness

Escaping away from the azure sky

Craving to hold the chartreuse sands.


From the WIC anthology The Moon Towards Me (2012)

Photo courtesy of Bart 

I have never wanted to marry someonesun 2

Or have ever been in that type of love.

If you asked me about that type of love,

I wouldn’t have an answer.

I do know

What it is like to love family. (more…)

teapotfrom the iron on my side and water spout

in my yard.

I am from the garage that couldn’t shut my pain.

from the heat of my oven that burned.

I am from the rose of the earth that’s rooted and

grounded with possibilities.

The aloe in my vera that brushed me wildly

in my dreams.


Grateful for the opportunity to work with Robert J. Cavazos this summer, who was presented with a paid internship from TheArtsFund. Robert will be working with our Writers in Communities program this summer.
ArtsFund internship

Read more about their book Blanket of Stars.
Palo Alto Elementary Kindred Elementary


I can’t write a poem.Pirate-cartoon-web

I’ve never even tried, and when I was thinking,

I’m pretty sure I almost died.

The way it almost happened was because I was woozy,

I’m really really tired and droopy.

I never felt like this, it’s super weird, and for some reason

there is this pirate with a really long beard.

He keeps saying, “Hardy, har, har!”

So I tried to chase him away with a roar, roar, ROAR!

This poem is getting on my last nerve.

I can’t even write because there are no lines so my words go curve.

I really can’t do this, it’s too hard, and my arm

got cut by a glass shard.

My arm is starting to bleed, it’s getting all over my paper!

Grrr! It hurts so bad!

My teacher gave me a band-aid, then all of a sudden,

when I closed my eyes with stress, I saw a mermaid.

Writing a poem is really difficult,

but I had imagination & an idea in a jolt!

Now I get it, I know how to do it;

all the things I talked about showed me how to write a poem

and I learned to poet.

Those are the reasons, until now, I couldn’t learn to poet.

From the anthology, A Blanket of Stars (2016).

Shout out to SA Youth, our wonderful writers in residence, and students at Heritage, Fenfield, Hutchins, Palo Alto, Kindred, Carrillo, and Benavidez Elementary schools, and Losoya Intermediate!

This publication truly shows the strengths and talents of our city’s youth.

These stories, poems, and short essays offer insight, humor, and new perspective. These voices are honest, raw, exploratory, and powerful. These are the voices of the next generation, and they epitomize the creative spirit that is alive in San Antonio.