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Join author Anel Flores, and Erika Casasola, Mexican curandera, to enter on a path to more authentic and fulfilling writing practice. In this workshop, we’ll open up the creative process using the traditional curanderismo (healing) practice of conversation, the “platica.” You’ll come away with a tool bag of ideas for future writing and some suggestions for sharing and submitting your work for publication.

In this four-part series of experiential workshops, we will explore how taking on a Citizen Science project in nature can deepen one’s writing while making a real contribution to science. Conversely, we will explore what special traits a creative writer brings to the pursuit of Citizen Science.

Outlining and creativity are often seen as diametrical. In writing a story, creativity isn’t enough, there has to be a certain structure in place to hold your story up. In this workshop, we’ll learn how to use the traditional narrative arc to outline and write stories. We’ll identify key points integral to story making, such as the conflict, the climax, and the rising action. In doing so, we’ll learn to outline our stories while maintaining our creativity.

Writers are invited to map their personal journey on the page. Our goals will include the development of a consistent writing practice, building tools that support this daily work, taking on new challenges and prompts, and allowing ourselves to trust our own instincts with our work.

For students who took Tina’s “Go Small or Go Home” microfiction workshop, and for anyone who wants to experience writing microfiction. We’ll look at masters of short-form writing, as well as prose poems and narrative poets, who bring us to the action quickly and hold us there with carefully honed, emotive language and images that resonate. Students will leave with four drafts of stories and plenty of ideas to generate new pieces.

From Hesiod to Patricia Smith to Billy-Ray Belcourt to Ocean Vuong, we’ll interrogate what it means to be a body, to belong, to be scrutinized geographies, and to inhabit the late-capitalist American landscape. Our poems will excavate and attempt to envision what it means to be stewards of the land while also playing a role in the presumed purveyance of justice.

This is a free peer-driven workshop facilitated by Gemini Ink volunteers Dario Beniquez and John McLennon—held the last Monday of every month. Bring 6-10 copies of your work to share. Open to all writers.