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From Hesiod to Patricia Smith to Billy-Ray Belcourt to Ocean Vuong, we’ll interrogate what it means to be a body, to belong, to be scrutinized geographies, and to inhabit the late-capitalist American landscape. Our poems will excavate and attempt to envision what it means to be stewards of the land while also playing a role in the presumed purveyance of justice.

This writing workshop is designed for any writer concerned with notions of homeland, both real and the imagined. This course will focus on helping writers utilize setting in ways that push, expand, and further the idea of place. The goal of this class is to provide students with the tools needed to create a fully realized and immersive fictional world that thrums with the breath of life.

In an experience designed for fans of films like Blade RunnerEx Machina, and Solaris, this discussion-based class will inspect how sci-fi authors depict the mind and mental identity and the way in which these depictions reflect our conceptions of humanity. We’ll work together to answer questions about human and post-human identities and the technologies that can alter perceptions of both as seen in fiction by Philip K. Dick, Stanislaw Lem, Mary Shelley, and others.

When we are silenced, what power can be found in choosing to be silent?

This is a free peer-driven workshop facilitated by Gemini Ink volunteers Dario Beniquez and John McLennon—held the last Monday of every month. Bring 6-10 copies of your work to share. Open to all writers.

In memoir, the reader must be persuaded that the narrator is writing honestly, whether or not he/she is, is secondary. This workshop will consist of a number of exercises which will help to get us started when working on a memoir essay.