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July 20-22, 2018 | El Tropicano Riverwalk Hotel, San Antonio, TX

Your general registration fee includes a welcome reception, access to all panels, a networking lunch, a small press book fair, evening events, and a closing party. A workshop with one of the featured authors is an additional $50.


Poetry 9AM–12:30pm
Passionate Syntax with Vijay Seshadri —CLASS FULL—
Instructor: Vijay Seshadri

Non-Fiction 9AM–12:30pm
Art Speaks to Life: Writing the 21st Century Narrative —CLASS FULL—
Instructor: Debra Monroe

Poetry 1:45–5:15pm
Writing Poetry of Political Satire in the Age of Trump: Somoza Unveils Somoza’s Statue of Somoza
Instructor: Martín Espada


Non-Fiction 9am–12:30pm
The Writer as Witness and Healer: An Open Genre Workshop
Instructor: Norma Cantú

Fiction 9am-12pm
Distilling Big Ideas into Intimate Narratives
Instructor: Anel Flores

Poetry 9am-12
Writing the Moment—How do We Do it?
Instructor: Veronica Golos

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