Eduardo Garza


My favorite writing advice is “write it down.”
When you get the idea or verse, don’t wait. Write it down or you will lose it.


GEMINI INK: Hi Eduardo, can you describe your first writing desk to us?

EDUARDO GARZA: My first writing desk is the one I use now, one I built in shop class in Eagle Pass, Texas back in 1964. I designed and built it and it is still standing. I am sending you this note from my desktop, ha!

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GEMINI INK: Do you have a favorite writing tool?

EDUARDO GARZA: I have no favorite writing tool, whatever is handy works. Once, all I could find to write with was the burnt ends of matches.

GEMINI INK: Does good writing result from best practices, magic or both?

EDUARDO GARZA: Good writing is decided by each of us. Who am I to say what good writing is, you either like it or you don’t.

GEMINI INK: What’s your favorite writer snack?

EDUARDO GARZA: Coffee and pan dulce are my favorite writing snacks. Sometimes a beer and peanuts. I don’t have a best/worst time of the day for writing, inspiration grabs me all day and night time too.

Garza 1GEMINI INK: Tell us about your next project.

EDUARDO GARZA: My next project is to create poetry videos, like music videos but with poems.


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