The Migrant Children’s Project


Serving migrant children ages 9–17 at the Casa Blanca Children’s Shelter in San Antonio,The Migrant Children’s Project provides workshops in painting and poetry with artist and writer Regina Moya. Most of these children are deported back to the dangerous situations that they hoped to leave behind in their homelands of Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, and Nicaragua. However, the Migrant Children’s Project offers them a ray of hope—the opportunity to share their life stories and dreams through art—and an inspiring glimpse of life in the United States. In Moya’s words: “The kids benefit tremendously from the hours they spend writing and painting. They know that despite the uncertainty of their lives at this time, they are able to create something beautiful that fills them with pride.”

Please consider making a tax deductible donation to keep this project going. Your donation will fund workshops that allow hundreds of children to express their voices through creative writing and art. 


$50 supports an hour of instructional time
$100 buys art supplies for 10 children (who keep all written work and visual art)
$500 guarantees writing and art workshops for all 45 children for the average length of a child’s stay at the shelter (one month)
$5,000 provides the seed funding to expand the Migrant Children’s Project to a second shelter

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