Volunteer Positions

Build your network and strengthen your skills by volunteering at San Antonio’s literary arts center. Gemini Ink offers volunteer positions on an ongoing basis. We regularly need help with publicity, outreach, programming, fundraising, administration, graphics, web design, and more. Please fill out our online form at the link above so we can add you to our list of volunteers bitly.ly/geminivolunteer.


We are also in need of volunteers to work in our office and help with a variety of tasks on an ongoing basis. If you’re interested in helping in a particular area listed below, please mention this when filling out our volunteer form and let us know why you would be a good fit for this position.

Administrative Support:  Help with record-keeping, filing, sending thank you notes, etc.
Archivist/Documentation: Help us document our events via photographs, audio, or video recording. Organize photos, videos, and documents online and/or in office to help us preserve Gemini Ink’s institutional memory.
Event Coordination: Help plan, run, and close out our various events, including our annual Writers Conference, Inkstravaganza, Autograph Series or other special events and classes.
Media Relations: Assist with writing press releases, making phone calls, sending out emails and staying in touch with the media.
Publicity & Marketing:  Assist in developing ads, brochures, registration materials, and programs.
Sponsorships: Solicit donations and sponsorships from businesses and organizations.
Website Management: Help us keep our website up-to-date.

Workshop Proctors: Proctors represent Gemini Ink when staff is not available. In exchange for proctoring, volunteers are “scholarshipped” into the class they are proctoring.