Writers in Communities


The Writers in Communities (WIC) program sends published, professional writers into schools, institutions, and other community settings to work alongside students of all ages and abilities. While in residence, the writers and their students create dynamic creative writing projects that challenge, celebrate, inspire and enlighten. Our innovative programs have been recognized by The New York Times and San Antonio Express-News, among others.

WIC hires working writers who are also excellent teachers of writing. By providing ongoing support and professional development to our WIC instructors, we build a strong sense of teamwork among WIC faculty—encouraging them to share their challenges, discoveries, and best practices. We also provide them with the opportunity to study with nationally known writers such as Juan Felipe Herrera, Denise Chavez, Laura Kasischke, Robert Flynn and others. The end result is that WIC workshops are always of high artistic quality, making them highly effective at promoting a lifelong engagement with reading and writing.

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…and to Xavier Garza ‏who created this lovely poster for the students. We hope you’re having a lovely reading summer!



The Writers in Communities program is so appreciative to have taken part in this three-day poetry workshop with students at Davis Middle School, in collaboration with KLRN. The three-day, three-hour sessions, facilitated by our wonderful instructors, Joy and Vocab, sparked lots of excitement inthe students who produced AMAZING work! Read it for yourself by clicking on the link below.

See the broadsides up close at this link.

This poetry project was part of KLRN’s Black History Month programming. Maya Angelou: And Still I Rise | Film Preview Screening & Poetry Slam takes place at The Playhouse San Antonio on Feb 15 at 7pm.  This is a FREE and family-friendly event.




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