Writers in Communities


The Writers in Communities (WIC) program sends published, professional writers into schools, institutions, and other community settings to work alongside students of all ages and abilities. While in residence, the writers and their students create dynamic creative writing projects that challenge, celebrate, inspire and enlighten. Our innovative programs have been recognized by The New York Times and San Antonio Express-News, among others.

WIC hires working writers who are also excellent teachers of writing. By providing ongoing support and professional development to our WIC instructors, we build a strong sense of teamwork among WIC faculty—encouraging them to share their challenges, discoveries, and best practices. We also provide them with the opportunity to study with nationally known writers such as Juan Felipe Herrera, Denise Chavez, Laura Kasischke, Robert Flynn and others. The end result is that WIC workshops are always of high artistic quality, making them highly effective at promoting a lifelong engagement with reading and writing.

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ascendI rose out of sadness, anger, and why.


I rose like a growing inner being.


I rose like the loaf, a new life.


I rose from not needing a safe place

and inside me was a brand new life

I had longed for a very long time.


Inside of me there was fear

that I did not know how to do this

until I saw the air blow the leaf away.

It was dry but it still had life.


Inside of me there is a free spirit

that will be as bright at the sun—

or my own true color.


From the WIC anthology Like a Phoenix (2008)

Photo courtesy of Bassi Baba



I rose from the ground to the earth,


I rose like a seed sprouting for life.


I rose like air coming out of a jar that has been

closed tightly.


I rose from the depths of impossibility

and inside me there was Hope.


Inside me there was a chance for survival.


Inside me there was precious life.


From the WIC anthology Like a Phoenix (2008)

Photo Courtesy of Hafiz Issadeen


8522901355_96c1bdf450_mHer love pursued, like the dampness of

the morning dew.

She often questioned, but I’d never bother

nor reckon,

but brought more spark and reason to be pursued.

The gloss in her eyes shined bright, much

like the start and the moon.

My touch would raise her temptations—

she was never hesitant against it.

To contemplate of such difficult task, was

like finding love but not making it last.

These words here, these words here that you hear

tonight, are spoken by heart and written down

by mind. (more…)