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Gemini Ink, in collaboration with Our Lady of the Lake University and the Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center, invite you to enjoy two free events featuring Urayoán Noel along with the opportunity to expand your own knowledge of performance poetry in a daylong workshop with the poet. Each event is followed by a book sale & signing—books will be available through The Twig Book Shop.

Urayoán Noel is an author, literary critic, translator, performer, and Assistant Professor at New York University. His new collection of poems is Buzzing Hemisphere/Rumor Hemisférico (University of Arizona Press, 2015). Other poetic works include Hi-Density Politics (2010), and Kool Logic/La lógica kool (2005). He is the author of the critical study In Visible Movement: Nuyorican Poetry from the Sixties to Slam (University of Iowa Press, 2014), winner of the Latina/o Studies Book Prize. (more…)

Here’s an excellent interview with Sandra Cisneros as she discusses her latest book A House of My Own—a book she admits she didn’t view as a memoir until she went on tour. In this interview with PBS NewsHour Correspondent Jeffery Brown, Cisneros discusses houses (spiritual and otherwise), influential women writers who served as a map for her writing life (Rosario Castellanos…Elena Poniatowska…Jean Rhys), family, spirits & dreamtime, and how book fairs give her faith in humanity.


Motivated by his hatred for an old man’s “dull blue” eye “that chills the very marrow” of the speaker’s bones, the unnamed narrator confesses to the old man’s murder. Turn off the lights and have a listen to Poe’s story A Tell Tale Heart, read by Nezua.


We’re proud to announce the publication of Borderline: Out Of Mind, a compilation of student writing from three poetry workshops that took place over the summer and fall of 2015 at the Cyndi Taylor Krier Juvenile Correctional Treatment Center and Mission Road. These workshops were made possible due to the generous support of Bexar County and the National Endowment for the Arts.

Gemini Ink hosted these workshops as part of our Writers in Communities program, which was founded with the mission to bring the joy of reading and writing to community settings across San Antonio by encouraging students to find their voices and gain the tools of written creative expression that ultimately lead to growth. A private reading took place at Gemini Ink on Tues, Jan 12, 2016. (more…)

We live in a world that denies the story that haunts us, whether it be very bad, or lovely, or graceful…The more that we face that ghost, the more we can accommodate the story that that ghost wants to tell… Ghosts are part of who we live with.

In this interview, Bárbara Renaud González discusses facing the ghosts that haunt our lives, what it’s like getting older as a writer, and why we are so drawn to memoir. (more…)

Espera, mija comes from the Imagen mi barrio workshop that took place this summer, a collaboration with Bibliotech Digital Library, and generously funded in part by the National Endowment for the Arts.

Espera, mija

Marilyse Figueroa

I cast my line into the pond y espero, espero for a fish to bite. I yell back to you, Papí, no hay pez. Let’s go to another lugar! Espera, bebé. Be patient, you tell me. It’s my first time fishing. Actually, no. Es mi primera vez fishing with the men. I’m excited, but tengo un poco miedo to mess up and make you ashamed of me. Porque soy una niña. I cast my line into the pond and wait como un hombre, real chill and quiet. I want to tell you about my day at school, about the handstand I finally got down in gymnastics, pero I don’t because we don’t talk when we’re fishing. You warned me, Mija, no hables aqui, O.K? So I wait, but I wish I didn’t have to. I watch my line hang motionless in the water. We can talk after I show you I can fish as well as any boy or man. (more…)

Photo by Thomas Sayers EllisGemini Ink is thrilled to host visiting writer Khadijah Queen on Fri, Sep 11 at 6:30pm in a free and public reading in collaboration with the Southwest School of Art, and on Sat, Sep 12 in a one-day poetry workshop: “Stretching Your Voice through a Fictional ‘I’” at Gemini Ink.

A celebrated and award-winning African-American poet, Queen is the author of Conduit (Black Goat/Akashic, 2008), Black Peculiar (Noemi Press, 2011) and the forthcoming Fearful Beloved (Argos Books 2015). Queen is known for her innovative, daring poems, which can “weave the personal and the political in both ruthless and tender ways,”(SPD). In a series of whimsical questions plucked right out of Vanity Fair’s Proust Questionnaire we came up with this sampling of her likes, dislikes and mental detours and side trips. Half P.J. Harvey, half poetic battle cry, Queen’s poetry excavates a unique vision down the page. (more…)