Gemini Ink’s mission is to teach the craft of writing to people of all skill levels so they can bring their stories to life.


We envision a world where all people experience the power of the writing arts.

The Four Pillars of Craft


Strategic Vision

Our strategic vision is to teach 12,000 people how to bring their stories to life by 2022.

Everyone Has A Story

We believe writing that story is powerful. When people learn the four pillars of writing, they learn the power of the craft of writing. When they learn the power of the craft of writing, they bring their stories to life. Our strategic vision is to teach 12,000 people how to bring their stories to life by 2022.


Gemini Ink’s programs serve children, youth and adults across San Antonio. We serve an estimated 4500 participants annually: 83% take our programs free of charge, and 67% of those served are people of color. With 25% of households in the city under Federal poverty and a population 63% Latino and 8% African American, our outreach into all corners of the city is especially significant.  For 27 years, we’ve increased access to the writing arts, grown literacy, and built joy in and engagement with reading and writing.

National Advisory Board

Andre Dubus III

Juan Felipe Herrera

Edward Hirsch

Debra Monroe

Urayoan Noel

Barbara Ras

Martha Rhodes

Richard Russo

David Shields

Naomi Shihab Nye

Joan Silber

Patricia Spears- Jones

Chuck Wachtel

Board of Directors

Charles Massiatte, President

Clarice Golightly-Jenkins, Vice President

Erik Aagaard, Secretary & Interim Treasurer

Cary Clack

Nan Cuba

Martin Rico

John Phillip Santos

Alexandra van de Kamp (Ex-Officio)


Joshua Cantú
Registrar & Administrative Assistant 

Florinda Flores-Brown
Programs Director

Anisa Onofre
Marketing Director

Alexandra van de Kamp
Executive Director


Hannah Friedrich

Silvia Lira-Perez

Marcos Lopez

Maggie McGee

Emily Rogers

Christina Troy