Opportunity for Professional Writers
If you have experience teaching creative writing and want to help bring creative writing, reading, storytelling, and thinking to diverse communities as a teaching artist for our Partner Classes, we want to meet you. Bilingualism is a plus. Email your resume or CV and three pages of writing samples to fbrown@geminiink.org.


Join our Creative Team

We’re currently accepting internship applications for the Bexar County Paid Internship for Summer 2021 (scroll down to Current Opportunities for details). The deadline to apply is April 23rd, 2021. Our internships offer rewarding opportunities for growing your skills, networking, as well as participating in free creative writing classes. Gemini Ink interns support, implement and promote the organization’s writing programs, class sessions, special events and outreach projects throughout the San Antonio community. All internships have set schedules and require regular attendance.

To apply for an internship: please complete the Intern Application and submit it with a cover letter, resume, and 3-page writing sample to the program of your choice. All internships offer a flexible schedule of 10-15 hours per week. Internships are unpaid.

Current Opportunities

Bexar County Paid Internship for Summer 2021

Who is eligible for this internship: 
  • Students currently enrolled as an undergraduate in a college or university in Bexar County or outside of the county, and who is a Bexar County resident. Residency means the location where the student lives when not attending college or university.
Important Dates & Notes:
  • To apply, please include a cover letter, resume, writing sample, and application and email to Florinda Flores-Brown, Partner Classes Program Director, at fbrown@geminiink.org.
  • Applications are due by Friday, April 23rd by 11:59 pm. Any applications that come in after this deadline will not be looked at.
  • Internship start date: June 7th
  • Internship end date: August 13th
  • This internship is a 40-hours per week, paid internship.

Description of Bexar County Intern Duties:

The intern will assist the Partner Classes Program Director in developing a new branch of programming that provides professional development for public school teachers in creative writing instruction. The intern will accomplish this by performing the following tasks:

  • Designing registration processes, documentation, and protocols for teachers attending our professional development workshops.
  • Creating marketing materials that speaks to teachers’ interests and concerns regarding writing instruction.
  • Compiling resources on the latest trends in language arts instruction and assisting in the analysis of San Antonio’s teacher training market in order to ensure profitability for our new branch of programming.
  • Assisting with the curriculum design for these professional development trainings and creating supplementary information packets.

Accompanying the Partner Classes Program Director on site visits. Assisting with these observations will provide an opportunity to see Gemini Ink teaching artists in action, gain an understanding of best classroom practices, and identify effective elements of the Partner classroom that should be included in our teacher trainings.

In addition, the intern will:

  • Assist with general administrative duties, including updating spend downs, processing workshop documentation, creating flyers for Gemini Ink events, prepping materials for workshops, etc.
  • Create a presentation on program data for the 2020-2021 school year. In order to continually assess the program’s success, Partner Classes relies on a breadth of data, including the UP Partnership’s scorecard, pre- and post-workshop evaluations, and pre- and post-workshop writing samples. The intern will assist with the compilation and interpretation of this data with two goals in mind: to identify areas of improvement in the program and to create a presentation for the fall 2021 professional development training during which the Program Director and our teaching artists will set goals for the 2021-2022 school year.

Intern Impact on Gemini Ink:

Working with Gemini Ink’s Partner Classes program will give the intern the opportunity to not only design a new branch of programming from the ground up, but also gain hands-on experience in arts education administration and pedagogy. They will also develop an understanding of the essential role data plays in measuring program success. The intern’s assistance in program design and data compilation will, in turn, help the program expand its revenue sources and provide the annual data snapshot the program needs to continually strive for improvement.

Site partner feedback and program outcomes continue to be excellent, and because of school districts’ continued interest in our program and the type of instruction we provide, the next logical step is to expand our Partner offerings to include training opportunities for classroom teachers in creative writing instruction. This expansion will not only increase the program’s revenue, it will augment our impact considerably.

Our Partner Program Director is a graduate from the Data Leadership Institute, a year-long training focused on how to use meaningful data to improve program performance and student outcomes, so this staff member plans to implement the skills gained at this training to analyze data from the 2020-2021 school year to identify areas that need improvement. Because we receive our data reports for the school year in May/June, the intern will be coming in at the perfect time to help with the management, interpretation, and dissemination of program data. Once this information has been processed, it will be presented to Gemini Ink teaching artists at our fall 2021 training as part of our goal setting for the 2021-2022 school year.


Build your network and strengthen your skills by volunteering at San Antonio’s literary arts center. Gemini Ink offers volunteer positions on an ongoing basis. We regularly need help with our Autograph SeriesInkstravaganza, and Writers Conference programming.

For inquiries, contact Josh Cantú, Registrar & Administrative Assistant, at joshua@geminiink.org