Gemini Ink is a TEA-approved provider of CPE credits (Continuing Professional Education). Educators seeking recertification can attend our classes and earn a certain number of credits for partaking in the workshop. The conversion rate here is one hour of workshop time earns an educator one CPE credit.

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Consult this document for any questions with regards to CPE (Continuing Professional Education)

Gemini Ink’s CPE Provider Number: 500-666

Question  Answer
What is CPE?  CPE stands for Continuing Professional Education and it is a credit system used by the Texas Education Agency to recertify Texas educators. 
I am an educator who teaches K-12. How many hours do I need to get recertified?  150 CPE credits (150 hours) are required for recertification per TEA requirements. 
Is Gemini Ink an approved CPE provider? Yes. Gemini Ink has been approved by the Texas Education Agency (TEA). 
Is GI required to maintain documentation?  Yes. GI is required to keep documentation of activity details, attendance, and credits for seven years. 
Is GI required to provide educators seeking CPE with documentation?  Yes. GI is required to provide educators seeking CPE with documentation detailing attendance, credits/hours earned, and activity details. 
What types of offerings does Gemini Ink have?  We offer our public classes as credit for CPE. See: Public Classes
Are GI’s CPE offerings in-person or virtual?
All CPE offerings follow the formats of Gemini Ink Public Classes, which are offered both virtually and in-person. In-person classes will re-launch after October 1, 2021. Consult our current class offerings for more information at