What do we do?

Partner Classes (formerly Writers in Communities) sends professional writers into diverse community settings to work alongside students of all ages, needs, interests and abilities for free.  With an average ratio of 10 to 1, our writers-in-residence work closely with students to create dynamic writing projects that challenge, often reflecting their own lives, and build critical reading and writing skills in the process.

Who do we serve?

WIC serves an estimated 1300 students each year with 75% of those being people of color. Our free writing workshops are offered at schools, senior centers, homeless shelters, and rehabilitation centers across the city, among other settings. 50% of sites are public schools. 50% of sites serve elementarys school-aged children, 30% of sites serve teenagers, and 15% of sites serve adults.

Who are our writers?

WIC is set apart from similar arts programs thanks to the excellence of its faculty. All of our writers are accomplished creative professionals, many of whom have either a background or an interest in education and a passion for the written word.

What kinds of writing do we teach?

WIC hosts writing workshops in various genres, including poetry, short fiction, personal narrative, and spoken word. Many of our workshops are also interdisciplinary, incorporating art forms such as photography, theater, and music.

How long is a workshop?

The length of a workshop depends on the partnering organization’s needs, but we recommend at least 10 or more instructional hours for students in K-12.

How much does a workshop cost?

The cost of a WIC workshop depends on multiple factors such as the number of writer-instructors needed, the number of students, the number of instructional hours, and whether the workshop will culminate in a final product. A budget is available upon request.

Who funds our workshops?

WIC workshops are funded by fee for service and grants from public and private funders in the arts and humanities, which ensures that they remain free for participants.

What is the process for setting up a workshop?

  1. The organization completes the online application for partnership.
  2. The organization meets with the WIC Program Director to discuss partnership goals.
  3. The Program Director drafts a budget based on the partnering organization’s specifications.
  4. Once the budget is approved, Gemini Ink and the partnering organization sign a memorandum of understanding (MOU).

For more information, contact Florinda Flores-Brown at fbrown@geminiink.org.

Writers in Communities Instructors

Marisela Barrera
Cedric Bellamy
Sarah Colby
Laura Davenport
Erica de la Rosa
Pam Duesing
Antoinette Franklin
George Garza Jr.
Xavier Garza
Carol Gonzales
David Hale
Laura Healy
Jim LaVilla-Havelin
Kamala Platt
Carlos Ponce
Bárbara Renaud González
Andrea “Vocab” Sanderson
Clint Taylor
Adam Tutor
Laura Van Prooyen
Eddie Vega
Joyous Windrider (Christina Jiménez)
Todd Wright
Jennifer Zinsmeyer-Murillo