Help us reach our end-of-year campaign goal of $20,000

Make a Difference

We made our match of $7,100! Since our December 4th end-of-year campaign kick-off, we’ve raised $7,600 in donations and $7,100 in matching funds for a total of $15,160.

Thank you for helping San Antonio writers trust their voice and unlock their power. Because of you, first-time writers in youth outreach workshops believe that their stories are important֫—just as seasoned writers hone their skills and find new inspiration in our creative writing classes. You are the reason Gemini Ink touches so many lives in San Antonio and beyond.

A gift of just $50 will…

  • cover the cost of a 4-week workshop for a vulnerable child, youth or adult learner
  • help bring an exciting visiting author to San Antonio
  • support our Mentorship Program
  • subsidize an excellent fair cost creative writing workshop
  • support a youth workshop at our summer Writers Conference
Amount raised as of Jan 9
Help us reach our goal of $20,000 by Jan 15

End-of-Year Campaign Supporters

Thank you for your awesomeness!!

Investing in the literary arts of San Antonio benefits us all. We could not accomplish our goals without the support, involvement, and enthusiasm of our supporters.

Erik Aagaard
Robert Allen
Nancy Anderson
Judith Beaullieu
George Beddingfield
Moira Black
Sheila Black
Judith Beaullieu
George and Pam Brindley
Hanes and Rolinda Brindley
Nell Brindley
Cary Clack
Cheryl Clayton
Ed Cody
Sarah Colby
Edward Conroy Jr
Abbie and Charlie Cotrell
Pamela Deusing
Lisa Duke
Andrea Eskin
Lisa Fichtel
Carol Lynn Fielding
Lisha Garcia
Phil Gavenda
Lukin Gilliland Jr.
William D Glenn

Coleen Grissom
Florence Guido
Jan Hilley
Henry Householder
Erica Seiler Hurtak
Mark Kinkade
Megan Kromer
Martha Klein Grant
Ned Lee
Charles Massiatte
Antonia Murguia
Pat Murray
Guillermo Nicolas
Samuel Owens
Arlette Perez
Carlos Ponce
Octavio Quintanilla
Rajam Ramamurthy
Heather Robinson Hernandez
Lesley Rubin
Diana Rueweler
Andrea “Vocab” Sanderson
Josie Seeligson
Holly and William Schur
Bernadette Smyth
Jim Stewart
Valerie Stocking
Sarah Sumadi
Elaine Talarski
Clint Taylor
Juan and Anisa Tejeda
Patricia van de Kamp
David Vaughan
Patricia Wall
Deborah Wesloh
Caryn Wideman
Lucy Wilson
Patricia Woods
Dan Yoxall

$500 Plus

Margaret and Robert Ayres
Alston Beinhorn
Paul Carter
Marline Carter Lawson
Nan Cuba
Elizabeth Friedman
Clarice GoLightly-Jenkins
The John Newman Family Charitable Fund of the San Antonio Area Foundation
Patricia Pratchett
Martin Rico
San Antonio Area Foundation / Orsinger
Nancy Shivers
Alexandra van de Kamp
Tomás Ybarra-Frausto