Take the next step in your writing life

Work one-on-one with a nationally recognized author on a manuscript project.
Apply to a Gemini Ink Mentorship and be one of two writers chosen to work one-on-one with a nationally recognized poet or prose writer. Gemini Ink Mentorships take place every two years and are open to poets from Texas and from all 50 States. Past mentors include Carmen Tafolla, Nan Cuba, Carrie Fountain, John Phillip Santos, Amanda Ward, Connie Voisine, and Barbara Ras.

Here’s what recent mentees have said about their experience with the Gemini Ink Mentorship Program

“Working with Connie Voisine at this particular time in my personal & professional life has been a godsend. She is, without question, one of the best readers I’ve ever encountered & the smallest suggestions from months ago continue to act as a compass even now. I am grateful for her generosity & her commitment to curiosity, for her camaraderie & her ability to see the poet as a whole person. I’m lucky to still be learning from her in so many ways.”

—Meg Day, 2016 mentee

“The Mentoring experience has been a spark plug in my creative life. Connie [Voisine]’s direction has led me to rediscover areas of poetry I’d forgotten. She put my work in contexts I hadn’t considered and forced me to maneuver myself into new imaginative space.”

—Rodney Gomez, 2016 mentee

What to Expect
Work with your mentor to:

  • Establish a timeline and goals for your poetry manuscript project.
  • Exchange three (3) project packets and receive detailed feedback at regular intervals.

Close out your project with a public reading of your work at our annual summer writers conference, introduced by your mentor. (While the mentorship includes free admission to the conference, please note that travel costs to the conference are not covered by Gemini Ink).

Applicants are asked to provide the following:

  • $25 application fee paid via Submittable or by check to Gemini Ink.
  • A single PDF or WORD file containing the following:
  1. A short letter of intent (maximum one page) with your full name on this page and a current email.
  2. A 10-page manuscript of your work, no more than one poem per page, with your name on each page.
  3. A short CV or resumé, listing two references.


For more information contact:
Alexandra van de Kamp