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Writing Gifts – A Workshop with Naomi Shihab Nye

Welcome! Our four-hour virtual poetry/paragraph workshop will focus on writing as a gift – to us, and from us to others. What do we already have in our vast realms of material? What new knowledge has been given to us during these past strange seasons? What have we left untouched for a long time? Where might we find a new treasure in what we thought we knew?

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Love in the Time of Covid-19 – A Virtual Writing Retreat with author Tina Barry

Join us online for a two-week writing retreat using poetry and short fiction to explore who we are individually and to each other at this unprecedented moment. At a time when our need for connection is at its greatest, we’ll write to heal, as we look at work that channels love, fear and what it means to be human. Experimenting with different forms and exploring unique ways to source new language, you’ll conclude with drafts for several pieces that reflect your experiences of isolation, longing and hope for the future. Aspects of craft will also be discussed throughout the two weeks.

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