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The Attuned Art of Writing Dialogue with William Jack Sibley

Writing believable, memorable, smart dialogue is a frequent hurdle for many writers. Is it “real” – too much, too little, or simply the not quite right words conveying the not quite right essence? Tricky stuff. Take this opportunity to work closely with award-winning author and screenplay pro William Sibley to learn some expert advice on what makes for unique dialogue that “sells” the writing for the reader—whether for a novel, play, film, or TV series.

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Navigating Craft and the Writing Life in 2021 with Reginald Gibbons, Urayoán Noel and Jasminne Mendez

Join this line-up of groundbreaking authors to hear from their recent work and enjoy a conversation on how they are navigating questions of identity, voice, form, and more, while making sure their stories flourish and have a place at the literary table in these complex, fraught times. How do their craft decisions infuse how they are creating their voices on the page? How are they initiating important conversations, asking pivotal questions, and renegotiating what kinds of stories can be heard? An audience Q&A will be a part of this event. Kick-off your weekend with this rich literary exchange and conversation.

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