Everyone has a story.  We believe writing that story is powerful.

When people learn the four pillars of writing, they learn the power of the craft of writing. When they learn the power of the craft of writing, they bring their story to life.  Our strategic vision is to teach people how to bring their stories to life by 2024.

At Gemini Ink, these Four Pillars work for all age levels and are used as guideposts in teaching the writing process to students of all skill levels.


  • genres, types, and structures used in creative writing
  • cohesion, organization, construction, and development of ideas at the global and sentence level
  • the ability to manipulate form to create meaning


  • originality
  • creativity
  • willingness to take risks, share work with others, and set/meet personal writing goals, including publication


  • using diction, poetic devices, musicality, description, details, imagery, and syntax to create voice, tone, and clarity


  • willingness and ability to use revision and editing to recalibrate and finetune characterization, setting, imagery, thematic threads, etc.
  • grammar, mechanics, and formatting
  • ability to give, receive, and sift through feedback effectively