This week, Gemini Ink staff and community members worked to compile kind words written at our 2019 Inkstravaganza Gala to send these messages to refugee children in San Antonio. We are so pleased with the final product and happy to send words of support to our refugee community. 

Thank you to Natalia Treviño and Jennifer Yáñez-Alaniz who we have been working with us on this project to deliver “Boxes of Welcome” to refugee children in San Antonio. The project began at our “Empowering Young Voices” Gala in 2019 and, through collaborating with World Refugee Day, we are finally delivering our welcome letters and gifts to refugee children in our city. 

Gemini Ink is working together with COSA immigration liaison, CIELO Unity in Action, Center for Refugee Services, Catholic Charities, and NEISD Bilingual/ ESL Program to offer refugee children the gift of welcome to our city.

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