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The Big Texas Author Talk featuring Leticia Urieta

Join us for a free author talk & discussion with Leticia Urieta, author of Las Criaturas. This session will be moderated by jo reyes-boitel, a poet, essayist, and playwright.
In Las Criaturas, Leticia Urieta hones the conventions of folklore and mythology to center girls & women in a present context. Otherworldly and musical, Las Criaturas positions the monstrous as a form of power and place of refuge, firmly asking readers the pertinent questions: “Who creates the monsters? How do las criaturas that pervade our past, present, and future find justice?” Urieta has gifted us a daring and playful new work that points us in the right direction.
–Reyes Ramirez, author of The Book of Wanderers

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Cultivating Fields: An Introduction to Writing Poetry with jo reyes-boitel

This class is built for the new poet, or for someone returning to poetry after some distance. Participants will have an opportunity to create new work from writing prompts and discuss different avenues into writing poetry. An overview of poetic tools, styles, and strategies will give way to the center of poetry: emotion, story, and breath. Participants will also gain an understanding of the workshop model and its alternatives, find ways to build their community of fellow creatives, and discuss how to stay self-motivated to keep writing. 

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