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Reading Deeply, Writing Deeply: 3 Women Poets Talk to the Gods with Veronica Golos

Whether a writer is talking directly to God or using religious reflection to try and make sense of humanity, poetry is shrouded in spiritual mystery and is often used to explore both concrete and intangible concepts of a higher power.

In this three-week workshop, we will study impactful poems from three women poets who invoke ideas of God or the gods. Louise Gluck’s book The Wild Iris enlists flowers from the garden of eden to help tell a story. Lucille Clifton’s “brothers” is an eight-poem conversation between an aged Lucifer and God. Natalia Toledo’s body of written work speaks to the Zapotec gods in three languages: Zapotec, Spanish, and English.

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Diving into the Weird with Leticia Urieta

Are you a storyteller? Have you ever considered how to push the boundaries of what storytelling could be? Ever wondered what blending genres of horror, folktales and traditional stories, as well as magical imaginings, could mean for your work? In this generative writing workshop for adults 16+, we will explore short stories, poems and hybrid pieces that unlock the strange, the magical, the grotesque, and the beautiful that we find in our everyday lives. You will have the opportunity to find the weird in the ordinary, explore traditional stories and urban legends, and reimagine realities.

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The Poetic Voice with Dario Beniquez

In this workshop, we will explore in-depth how to find our poetic voice. We will discuss the elements of the poetic voice such as speaker, diction, syntax, rhythm, tone and various other characteristics. In addition, we will study ways we can stretch and challenge our use of poetic voice. Finally, we will apply four questions that will reveal our own poetic voice. 

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City Songs Poetry Workshop with Reggie Scott Young

In this 6-week workshop, we will write poems that celebrate and critique life in the city, with a special emphasis on San Antonio and its environs. This workshop is open to writers with various degrees of experience in poetry and will focus on crafting poems for the page with an emphasis on exploring poetic forms. Guest poets, including Natalia Treviño, John Olivares Espinoza, Clemonce Heard, and Emmy Pérez, will visit the course both in-person and virtually to discuss craft issues.

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