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Young Authors at Bowden Academy Publish Their Broadsides! ✍️

The Read With Me/ Write With Me Creative Writing Workshop for 3rd-5th graders at SAISD’s Bowden Academy was a success! Thanks to the generous funding from the Najim Charitable Foundation and HEB, the workshop was able to provide students with 15 hours of instruction in creative writing.

Led by experienced teaching artists Erica DeLaRosa and Excy Guardado, the workshop helped students develop their writing skills, unlock their creativity, and build confidence in sharing their work with others. The workshop started with the study of mentor texts, followed by various imaginative writing prompts that allowed students to experiment with different genres. Feedback and encouragement were given throughout the writing process, and guidance on revision techniques was provided by the teaching artists.

The students’ work was published as broadsides (posters), giving them a sense of accomplishment and pride. They will present their work at a final celebratory reading in front of their family, friends, and community. Thank you to Aminah Dece for designing the beautiful broadsides that showcase our students’ writing.

Congratulations to all the young authors who participated in this workshop! We hope it has provided a foundation for you to continue to develop your writing skills.

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