We’re excited to share news about the Partner Classes projects we’re working on this summer! Our partnerships include a Poetry Workshop at Krier Center, a Creative Writing Mentorship at Crossroads, and a Live Storytelling Workshop at Martinez Street Women’s Center. Our Partner Classes benefit the San Antonio community by increasing access to the writing arts, and growing literacy, joy and engagement with reading and writing. 

  • In our Poetry Workshop at Krier Center, teaching artists will engage students in poetry and/or creative non-fiction readings to inspire students to create and share their own work. We’re proud of our partnership with Krier that has spanned at least twenty years. All Krier workshops conclude with a reading and a published anthology.
  • For our Crossroads Creative Writing Mentorship, we’re utilizing journal writing in efforts to help students find their creative voices on paper. Prompts will stimulate students to reflect on their lives, play with language, and explore their own creative voices on the page. Crossroads is a girls’ mental health program run by Bexar County. 
  • And lastly, we are thrilled to host a Live Storytelling Workshop at Martinez Street Women’s Center where up to 30 students will explore the connection between storytelling and leadership. This workshop also concludes with a reading and the publication of broadsides. 

Thank you to our wonderful Teaching Artists: Jim LaVilla-Havelin and Erica DeLaRosa at Krier Center; Mandy Lynn Lara and Aminah Dece at Martinez Street Women’s Center; and Mandy Lynn Lara again~at Crossroads. We are so grateful for the commitment and hard work all our Teaching Artists put into this program. 

Much gratitude to our supporters: Bexar County (who funds the Krier Center and Crossroads projects), and Texas Commission on the Arts (TCA) and HEB who are funding the Martinez Street Women’s Center project. Thank you for all you do.

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