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The Big Texas Author Talk featuring Leticia Urieta

Join us for a free author talk & discussion with Leticia Urieta, author of Las Criaturas. This session will be moderated by jo reyes-boitel, a poet, essayist, and playwright.
In Las Criaturas, Leticia Urieta hones the conventions of folklore and mythology to center girls & women in a present context. Otherworldly and musical, Las Criaturas positions the monstrous as a form of power and place of refuge, firmly asking readers the pertinent questions: “Who creates the monsters? How do las criaturas that pervade our past, present, and future find justice?” Urieta has gifted us a daring and playful new work that points us in the right direction.
–Reyes Ramirez, author of The Book of Wanderers

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