In Fall 2023, our incredible teaching artists, Aminah Déce and Christen Barron, ignited a love of reading and writing in 9th-12th graders at Rise Inspire Academy, San Antonio’s only high school for students in recovery.

They empowered these students by providing workshops that included composing haikus, remixing song lyrics, and exploring prompts on transformation. These workshops, along with counseling and academic support for students and families, fostered a supportive environment for success.

During a guest visit with Joyous Windrider Jimenéz, students transformed their writing into narrated pieces accompanying the visiting artist’s visuals, which can be watched here. 


Thanks to the Poetry Foundation‘s generous support, the seven-week art and poetry workshop culminated in a moving anthology titled “The Poetry of Transformation.” In April 2024, these young poets proudly presented their work at a final celebratory reading with loved ones and the community.

Congratulations to all the Rise Inspire youth poets who participated in this transformative workshop and anthology. Keep writing!


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